Agree with The Word

Do you know that the word confession in this context means speaking the same thing in consent? If God has said something, and you say something that’s in consonance with what He has said, that’s confession.

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We Win All The Time

Some people believe that an ever-winning, ever-triumphant life in Christ is unrealistic; so they live with the notion that “Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.”

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Don’t Beg with His Name

The Name of Jesus is the biggest Name in all the universe, because it belongs to the One who has all power and authority. He gave you His Name to live by.

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What Can You See?

God has set eternity in your heart. You’ve been given an extraordinary capacity to contemplate, think, envision, and see.

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He Helps You Live the Faith Life

Religious Christianity teaches that you have to struggle to please God, and to walk with Him. However, the reality is that you don’t have to struggle to please God,

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The Life of Faith

The Lord Jesus, through His teachings and parables, unveiled faith as a lifestyle; it’s not something to exercise once or twice...

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