Healing And Healing

Heirs of The Abrahamic Blessings

The Lord Jesus did all that He did so that the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles, and it has. Now that you’re born again, you’ve received the promise of the Spirit.

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Act Your Salvation

Having confessed the lordship of Jesus over your life and received eternal life into your spirit, the very next and most important thing is...

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The Word Is Trustworthy

God’s Word is absolutely trustworthy and dependable. The entire Scriptures chronicle everything that’s involved in His redemptive work.

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Identified with His Name

The Name of Jesus is the greatest name ever revealed to man; it’s the most powerful name, not only in the world, but in the entire universe.

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Working The Word

The Word won’t work for you just because it exists in the pages of the Bible; you have to work it out.

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In Him You Have Peace

Jesus said, in the last days, there’ll be perplexity of nations, men’s hearts failing them for fear. We’re living...

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