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The Wisdom of the Just

Part of the responsibility of those whom the Lord has sent with His message of truth is to turn the hearts of these disobedient folks to the wisdom of the just. The wisdom of the just refers to the mindset of the righteous. It’s a mind that’s yielded and given to the...

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Wisdom Stands You Out

There’s a wisdom from God that’s revealed to us to live by. Jesus functioned in it, and as a result, He completely baffled and dazzled those in His day. He had a different mindset. His words and teachings were different; in most cases, they were in complete...

Prove The Word

God gave us His Word so we can live by it. The Word of God has the capacity and ability to take you through any situation in life victoriously.

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Agree with The Word

Do you know that the word confession in this context means speaking the same thing in consent? If God has said something, and you say something that’s in ...

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Think and Talk Prosperity

There’re three people we find in the Bible that God identified Himself with: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and they were super wealthy. In Exodus 3:6, God said…

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The Lordship of Love

Jesus loves you more than you could ever imagine. He’s more willing and concerned for your happiness, peace, and joy, than you could ever be for yourself...

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A Life of Dominion

You’ve subdued, tamed and conquered the elements of this world; the circumstances of life; therefore, walk in dominion over them...

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Sent in His Name

Jesus is gone to heaven, but the Holy Spirit is here with us, to help us claim everything that belongs to Jesus, and live triumphantly...

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