A Pure Language of the Spirit

No matter how many earthly languages exist, there’re not enough words in the human vocabulary with which to adequately and accurately express yourself to God.

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Exciting Benefits of Prayer

When you understand the importance and higher purposes of prayer, you’ll always be willing and excited to pray, especially in other tongues.

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The Word On Your Lips

It’s not enough to know God’s Word as it’s contained in the written pages of the Bible; you have to release power through speaking!

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Prophesy to The Wind

Are you aware that you can change hopeless situations and effect positive changes in your life through the creative power...

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Worship in the Spirit

Singing with the spirit is singing in other tongues. These songs come out of your spirit, not from your understanding.

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The Prayer that Works

If you will ever change things in your life, and in the lives of others, then you must learn to pray fervently and with deep convictions.

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