A life of Success and Prosperity

November 23, 2018 / Finance & Prosperity

It’s only God that give credit to man’s knowledge because he is the only one that know where man’s knowledge came from. “They say every man at his best is all together vanity”

So who should we listen to? We should listen only to God. Man’s knowledge cannot make you a success, he may make you succeed for a time but he will not make you a success in life.

If you listen to God he will make you a success. Remember this, you don’t have to be the boss to have a great life you don’t have to; you can have a life that challenges the statuesque continually. This is what we are built for, it is what we were created for. We are a wonder to the world it’s our calling is our place; be happy about what you do!

When you here the saying the dignity of labor, what did you think they were talking about? They are referring to the fact that whatever you do contributes to the building of human societies. Your prosperity does not come from what you do, and the greatest trees are not produces by the largest seeds so therefore, your work and what every you receive from your job is a seed.

A seed doesn’t have to be very large to produce the greatest trees, it is the power of your seed, it is what that seed represent to you, that’s why Jesus could praise the widow who gave two mits, and he said even thou her money was the smallest in this place she gave the greatest. Because she gave everything, when you receive your money and look at it; it may not look so big but you ask what this thing will mean if it is given to God.

Jesus asked what food do you have here? They said no food just a little boy got his launch here. He said go get it. They brought the boys launch, Jesus took the food what did he do? he blessed it! And said divide it for everybody. What did the guy get back? 12 baskets because it got into the hands of Jesus. The trouble is that sometimes we look too much at where we are.

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