Exciting Benefits of Prayer

November 23, 2018 / Prayer

When you understand the importance and higher purposes of prayer, you’ll always be willing and excited to pray, especially in other tongues. One of the beautiful things the Holy Spirit has done in our lives as God’s children is to give us the ability to speak in other tongues. When we speak in tongues, the utterance, the words we speak, aren’t man-made but from the Lord. Moreover, we aren’t speaking to men but to God:

When you pray in tongues, you’re in fellowship with the Father; you’re communicating with Him through the Spirit in a heavenly language. What a blessing that is!

Praying in tongues will keep you more “fit” spiritually, and responsive to the guidance and promptings of the Spirit. The more time you spend in fellowship with the Lord, praying in the Holy Ghost, the more His character and personality are revealed in, and manifested through you. Some are only compelled to pray when they face crises in life, and that’s not right. We’re called into fellowship with our heavenly Father; that’s what prayer, and praying, is primarily for: fellowship!

No matter how many earthly languages exist, there’re not enough words in the human vocabulary with which to adequately and accurately express yourself to God. Our human earthly vocabulary isn’t pure enough to commune with the holy God that our heavenly Father is.

That’s the reason the Holy Spirit gave us a language, pure and holy, with which to communicate in a way that’s acceptable to God: praying in other tongues. Many only know how to pray in their understanding; that is, in their native language, but that won’t take you far enough. No matter how beautiful your words are in any earthly language, and how loaded with revelation they are, they’re no match for the pure language of the Spirit.

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