Exercising Dominion in Intercession

November 26, 2018 / Prayer

When God tells us to pray, there is a reason He tells us to pray. In Genesis we see how that angles were sent into Sodom, it was Judgement time in Sodom and the people of Sodom didn’t know it was judgement time. They didn’t know it, “…….and God said its time to deal with Sodom we are going to burn it up”.

Judgements of God don’t always bring fire, they don’t always bring water, there are many other things that happen; but in this particular occasion God said it was judgement time for Sodom and He said ……. ehmm am not going to hid this from Abraham, am going to tell him what am going to do. So He spoke to Abraham.

Genesis chapter 18:23-33, the bible tells us that He let Abraham in on His plans and His going to destroy sodom. Notice in the scripture God had a plan to destroy the land of Sodom for their wickedness, and He told Abraham this is what am going to do, the bible says Abraham drew near.

The two angles that were with the Lord had been sent already to go to Sodom and the Lord will visit it with His judgement, and Abraham delayed the Lord. The bible says Abraham draw near and says Lord; will you destroy the wicked and the righteous? That be far from you.

The bible gives us the picture of Abraham the intercessor, Abraham hear was interceding for Sodom. He said if there are 50 righteous men there will you destroy it? I want you to understand the construction there he is saying Lord if we can get 50 then don’t destroy it; and the Lord said I agree with you if we have 50 I won’t destroy it. Then he said let’s assume we have a lot of people who have sinned, what if we have 45? what if we have 35? what if we have 30? What is we have 20? And all this God said I will not destroy it if we have that amount. Then he said what is we have 10?

Now the question was not God if there are 10 people their will you destroy it? That was not the point, it was intercession. He was saying Lord if we can find 10 there don’t destroy it.

So Abraham was actually interceding for those 10 as he interceded for those 50. He said don’t destroy the wicked with the righteous. I believe that if Abraham would have said lord what if we have 5 people or 1 righteous person in Sodom God would have said ok, but the intercessor stopped.

Sometimes we stop too soon my brothers and sister, sometime we are praying about a subject and we seem to be prevailing in our spirit and just when we should go on and finish it up we stop.

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