September 25, 2019 / Christian Living, Prayers

There are certain things in the bible that define your personality, your fulfillment and your work.

Your attitude is very important, your way of doing things, your way of saying what you want to say. .

We can say something that is right with the wrong attitude and that destroys the right thing that we said. A lot of people in life are not necessarily doing something wrong or saying something wrong but they just have a bad attitude.

Did you know that one of the reasons certain people take one step forward and two steps backward then some other times everything seems to be alright but spiritually they are not fulfilled is because of the wrong attitude?

The problem is, a lot of people who have the wrong attitude hardly discover that they have the wrong attitude, so they blame everyone else around them for the things that go wrong about them. They think someone is responsible and no one is responsible, they just have the wrong attitude!

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