September 25, 2019 / Christian Living, Prayers

It matters what you are looking at in your life. The things that make us unhappy in life, the thing that pain us, sometimes we even develop the attitude of the man Haman in the Bible.

Do you remember Haman in the bible? Who had become so great, he was next to the king because the king promoted him and every time he passed by everybody stood up, because Haman, prince Haman was coming through, but there was a man who never bowed to Haman, because he was a Jew, and that man knew the wickedness of Haman, his name was Modecai. .

And when Haman noticed that the guy was unbowed to him, he thought about what he was suppose to do until some friends came to him and said, have you notice that man Modecai never bows down whenever you pass by? He said, I thought so, just weren’t sure whether or not it was because of me or something else. They said it’s you, every time you pass he doesn’t and the rest of us would bow except Modecai.

What did Haman say, his pride was hurt, he couldn’t take it, He said, look, to deal with Modecai alone is a disgrace for me. I’ll finish him with all his people, his cousins, his uncle, all his friends, every one that is associated with him. He went forth to do it, but God stopped him in his tracks.

Why is it that some of God’s children take up the attitude of Haman? There is someone who doesn’t greet you and that thing cannot leave your mind. Every time I come they can’t see me [he acts] as if I am so small, until you are so upset one day and say am I so small that he can’t see me? But did you lose anything? Then why did you care? If the guy doesn’t greet you it doesn’t make you less than you are. Instead you go ahead and greet him anyway, not trying to be nasty and say good morning oh. Don’t get nasty, just be nice, be yourself, don’t care about those things. Have the right attitude!

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