How Do I Function Perfectly in The Knowledge of My Inheritance?

May 6, 2020 / Christian Living, Prayers

We are engaged in a warfare definitely. But we have to know what the warfare is about and who it is and what we are fighting and what kind of fight it is

If we don’t know, we already lost it before it got started. So, you have to know. But we must also know those things that belongs to us already so we don’t have to try to claim them.

We only try to claim what we are not in possession of. For example, if I’m trying to claim my health, the question then will be, where is the health, am I trying to claim from God or the Devil? Where does it lie, so I can go claim it? As a Christian, you need to first understand what belongs to you legally to be able to function perfectly in the Spiritual realm Hallelujah.

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